Finale v26 MusicXML Updates

Today MakeMusic released Finale v26 and an updated Dolet 7.2 for Finale plug-in. Besides supporting the new features in Finale v26, there are over 25 improvements in our MusicXML support from the previous Finale v25.5 and Dolet 7.1 for Finale releases. You can see the entire list in the Dolet for Finale version history. The most important changes include:

  • Version 7.2 changes the default file format for exporting a single MusicXML file from uncompressed (.musicxml) to compressed (.mxl) files. The MusicXML Preferences continue to allow a different setting for batch export of MusicXML files.
  • The MetTimes, AshMusic, LeeMusic, and RussMusic fonts are now supported during export.
  • Chord symbols now export more accurately, including symbols that use the Finale Numerics and Broadway Copyist Text Ext fonts.
  • The “Hide First Measure Number in Region” option is now supported during export.
  • Non-arpeggiate symbols and undertie elisions are now imported.
  • Lyrics now export more accurately from documents where the default music font is EngraverFontSet.
  • Finale v26 speeds up export and import for large batches of MusicXML files.

The Dolet for Finale plug-in is 32-bit only and works with Finale 2009 through 2014.5. Starting with v25, Finale now includes all the added features that used to be part of the Dolet plug-in, plus some MusicXML features that only work in 64-bit Finale. All the MusicXML functionality you need is now available directly in the File menu.

We hope that you find the improved MusicXML support will make moving your music files between applications even faster and more accurate than before. If you have issues using the MusicXML in Finale v26 or in using the Dolet plug-in, please let us know in theFinale portion of our Help Center. If you are a music notation software developer and find a problem with MusicXML 3.1 in your development work, please post an issue at the MusicXML GitHub repository.

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