Dolet® for Sibelius Plugin Is Now Open Source

Today we have released version 8.2 of our free Dolet® 8 for Sibelius plugin. The big news is that this plug-in is now open source. This version is released under the MIT open source license, rather than the more restrictive licenses used by MakeMusic and Recordare in the past.

Although Sibelius plug-ins all ship as source code, this does not make them open source. Earlier versions of the Dolet for Sibelius plug-in were released under licenses that did not permit modification or redistribution of the plug-in. With the MIT license, these and all other uses are now permitted.

With my upcoming retirement from MakeMusic, the company will no longer be maintaining or supporting the Dolet for Sibelius plug-in. Making the plug-in open source allows the community to maintain and improve this plug-in without relying on MakeMusic. MakeMusic plans to soon provide a public GitHub repository for the Dolet for Sibelius sources for the convenience of the development community.

Version 8.2 also includes the following new features and fixes:

  • Figured bass is now exported. However, figured bass that changes under a note and figured bass extensions are not yet exported.
  • Text tracking is now exported.
  • The percussion clef glyph is now exported.
  • The octave-down treble clef glyph is now exported if it differs from the commonly used treble clef with an 8 below.
  • Changes to octave-transposing clefs now take the instrument transposition into account when exported.
  • Exporting the end points of ties that start on tuplets has been improved.
  • Exporting the end points of cross-staff slurs and glissandos has been improved.
  • Exporting flat symbols in part names has been improved.
  • Exporting text that changes to a music text font midway through has been improved.
  • TAB clefs no longer export a line element.

You can download the plugin from our Dolet plugins download page. You will need a free account at our MakeMusic site to download the plugin. If you have any questions about the plugin, please feel free to reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

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