Dolet® 7 for Finale

The most accurate translations between notation programs

Our Dolet® 7 for Finale software is a 32-bit plug-in for the Finale music notation program that reads and writes MusicXML 3.1 files. Finale v27 provides the most accurate translations between notation programs currently available. The Dolet plug-in brings the accuracy of the previous version 26 to earlier 32-bit versions of Finale.

Even if you are using Finale 2014.5, Dolet 7 has several advantages:

  • MusicXML 3.1 support
    Dolet 7 for Finale supports reading and writing MusicXML 3.1 files for the most accurate transfers between applications.
  • More formatting control
    Dolet 7 for Finale lets you import a MusicXML file into an empty document with your own specific template settings. The MusicXML import will then respect the formatting settings in your empty document as much as possible. Finale 2014.5 always opens a new document, so you always get the formatting from your default Finale file.
  • Full batch translation
    Dolet 7 lets you translate an entire folder of MusicXML files into Finale files, or an entire folder of Finale files into MusicXML files. If you have a lot of files to transfer, this is an enormous time saver.
  • Works with more versions of Finale
    Dolet 7 works with Finale 2011 to 2014.5 on Windows and Macs.

Learn more about Dolet 7 for Finale and its new features. Download and see for yourself how fast and accurate transferring files between applications can be.


“I am a professional music copyist and must deal with composers of different platforms, programs, and versions all of the time. Your product is a godsend. Many thanks!”
Lee Monroe, Express Music Services

“I absolutely LOVE your software! It’s an indispensable tool that I could not live without. I compose/orchestrate for films and Dolet provides me with by far the most efficient way to get music from a Cubase sequencer file into Finale.”
Dave Metzger, composer and orchestrator

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