Finale 26.3 MusicXML updates

Yesterday MakeMusic released Finale 26.3 and an updated Dolet 7.6 for Finale plug-in. The MusicXML improvements for both Finale 26.3 and Dolet 7.6 for Finale include:

  • Music written with percussion clefs using standard rather than percussion notation now exports correctly.
  • Music written on 2- or 3-line percussion staves now exports and imports more accurately.
  • Percussion notation rests set to a specific staff position now export and import more accurately.
  • Custom Clef Designer definitions are now exported.
  • Stacked chord symbols are now exported and imported.
  • Measure numbers now export more accurately from documents with multiple measure number regions.
  • Stems shortened to nothing using the stem length tool are now exported correctly.
  • When notes display in other layers when rhythmic notation is applied, their stem directions now export correctly and articulations are displayed after import.

Finale 26.3 also includes a fix where MusicXML import no longer changes MIDI quantization settings.

As part of our continued MakeMusic technology modernization, the Dolet plug-in no longer supports Finale versions prior to Finale 2011 as of version 7.6. You may continue to use older Dolet versions with earlier Finale versions.

While MakeMusic has been continuously improving our MusicXML 3.1 support, the W3C Music Notation Community Group has started work on MusicXML 4.0, planned for release in 2021. Please join the group to contribute to MusicXML 4.0’s development, or watch the MusicXML GitHub repository to track our progress.

We hope that you find the improved MusicXML support will make moving your music files between applications even faster and more accurate than before. If you have issues using the MusicXML in Finale 26.3 or in using the Dolet plug-in, please let us know in the Finale portion of our Help Center.

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