Finale 26.2 MusicXML Updates

Today MakeMusic released Finale 26.2 and an updated Dolet 7.4 for Finale plug-in.

Two main areas of focus for Finale 26.2 development are compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina and updating the way that document options work inside Finale. The MusicXML code has now been updated to support these changes. Note that since the Dolet for Finale plug-in is only for 32-bit versions of Finale, it will not run on Catalina.

The MusicXML improvements for both Finale 26.2 and Dolet 7.4 for Finale include:

  • Default hyphen and beam distance are now correctly exported and imported.
  • Unslashed flagged grace notes are imported more accurately.
  • Numerals on 1-bar multimeasure rests are imported more accurately.

We have also updated the MusicXML web site to reflect the latest developments in sites with MusicXML music files, MusicXML software support, and publications about research that uses the MusicXML format. The publications section in particular has many updates from recent Sound and Music Computing and International Society of Music Information Retrieval conferences.

We hope that you find the improved MusicXML support will make moving your music files between applications even faster and more accurate than before. If you have issues using the MusicXML in Finale 26.2 or in using the Dolet plug-in, please let us know in the Finale portion of our Help Center. If you are a music notation software developer and find a problem with MusicXML 3.1 in your development work, please post an issue at the MusicXML GitHub repository.

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