The 2014 MusicXML Community Meeting at Musikmesse

MusicXML-meeting-2014Thank you to everybody who attended our second annual MusicXML community meeting at Musikmesse! We had at least 52 people present who signed in, 10 more than last year. You can see the full table and the people sitting against the wall in the photo taken by neoScores during the meeting.

Last year we collected wish lists for strengthening MusicXML and the MusicXML community. Replacing the MusicXML mailing list with a forum was a big request from last year’s meetings, and we launched the MusicXML forum the week before Musikmesse. This year we had more focused discussions on three topics:

  • MusicXML and the Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL) project
  • A proposed open-source MusicXML sanitizer tool
  • MusicXML potentially moving to a standards organization like MMA and AMEI in the future.

We started with a brief introduction to MusicXML for newcomers and an overview of the MusicXML community year in review. Our hosts neoScores provided a reception afterwards where people stayed for an hour after the meeting talking to MusicXML colleagues one-on-one. Once again, Musikmesse and our host company did a fantastic job behind the scenes.

The MusicXML presentation material is available at:

The 2014 MusicXML Meeting

This includes presentation material from Daniel Spreadbury of Steinberg (SMuFL), Bob Hamblok of neoScores (Sanitizer tool), and me. Daniel was unfortunately not able to join us due to travel snafus involving two canceled flights, so I presented the SMuFL material in his absence.

The attendee list and a summary of the meeting discussion is available at:

Report from the 2014 MusicXML Community Meeting

As long as Musikmesse makes this MusicBiz Lounge and Congress venue available to us, we plan to keep this as an annual event. Next year’s Musikmesse is from April 15 to 18. The Friday date seems to work well, so we’ll tentatively plan for the third annual MusicXML meeting on Friday, April 17, 2015.

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