Setting an Agenda for W3C Music Notation

With northern summer vacations over, we are now ready to start setting an agenda for the W3C Music Notation Community Group. See our latest blog post at:

This describes the short-term and long-term projects that the co-chairs Joe Berkovitz, Daniel Spreadbury, and myself think would be good for the group to work on, and why we think they are important. The initial proposed short-term projects are:

  • Build an initial MusicXML specification
  • Add support for use of SMuFL glyphs within MusicXML
  • Identify and fix any remaining gaps or adoption barriers in SMuFL
  • Document music notation use cases

The initial proposed long-term projects are:

  • Improve formatting support in MusicXML
  • Build a complete MusicXML specification document
  • Add Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation and interactivity to MusicXML

Now we need to hear from the group. Do these seem like the right things to work on? Are there other things you think we should work on instead? What would you most like to see done with MusicXML and SMuFL right away?

If you have not yet joined the group, visit our home page and click the JOIN THIS GROUP button to start the signup process. If you work on music notation for an organization, please join as an organizational representative by following the instructions on the left-hand side of the signup page.

Our discussion will be help on the community group contributor mailing list at Anybody can read the archives of this mailing list, but only Community Group participants can post there.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts as to how you would like the group to proceed.

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