MusicXML Workshop at Musikmesse

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We will be having a MusicXML community meeting at Musikmesse in Frankfurt. This will be a Musikmesse Musikbiz workshop sponsored by Scorio, a Musikmesse exhibitor. It will take place on Friday, April 12 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Workshop room accessible from Hall 5.1. The information is a bit hard to find on the Musikmesse web site, but you can find it directly here.

Because this is organized as a public meeting at Musikmesse, I will present some background information about MusicXML for those not familiar with the format. However, as at NAMM the two main purposes are to:

  • Build the MusicXML community by having people meet face-to-face, not just online.
  • Help design the future of the MusicXML format by sharing our visions within the community.

Both these goals were met at NAMM. We had a great mix of publishers and developers attending the workshop there, and we hope for a similar mix at Musikmesse.

I have included the workshop title and summary below. The workshop will be held in English. There will be some introductions in both German and English to help people who show up without realizing the choice of language. I will also be available for individual meetings with MusicXML developers and publishers throughout the entire Musikmesse event from Wednesday, April 10 through Saturday, April 13.

Scorio, the workshop sponsor, would like to be sure they have enough refreshments for everyone who attends. Please email if you plan to attend this Musikmesse workshop. We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!

Title: Beyond PDF – Exchange and Publish Scores with MusicXML


MusicXML was invented by Michael Good in 2000, and developed collaboratively by a community of hundreds of musicians and software developers over the past 13 years. Now established as the standard open format for digital sheet music, it moves music from desktop notation applications such as Finale and Sibelius to a new generation of mobile and web-based customers for notated music. Today MusicXML is supported by over 160 applications on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Designed as a music-specific notation format, MusicXML adds further value to digital scores compared to a purely graphical format like PDF. It allows a full range of interactive functionalities for musicians like automatic transposition, part extraction, or score annotation. Michael Good will present the latest MusicXML innovations from the past year. We invite musicians, software developers and publishers to design the future of MusicXML with us in this workshop.

Please note that the workshop will be held in English.

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