MusicXML Support Tops 180 Applications

Over the past few months, many new applications have added support for the MusicXML format. There are now more than 180 applications supporting MusicXML. The range of applications is widening as well as the number.

Here’s a quick overview of what we have added to the MusicXML software page in the past few days. Some of these are new products or releases. Others may have had MusicXML support earlier, but we just discovered that recently. The software page includes more information and links.

Both reading and writing MusicXML files:

  • Braille Music Markup Language (BMML) converters

Writing MusicXML files:

  • LiveScore music notation editing for Ableton Live (via MaxScore and Max for Live)
  • Melomics automatic composition software
  • MyScript Music SDK for handwritten music recognition
  • Opusmodus for script-based music composition

Reading MusicXML files:

  • Antescofo score-following software
  • Musicista software for computational musicology
  • PhonicScore digital sheet music display and score following software
  • Soundslice Player for web-based notation and guitar tablature

We have also added another site for MusicXML scores to our music page. Visaudio Designs provides designs for marching bands and percussion ensembles, including editable scores.

Do you have MusicXML software or a source of MusicXML scores that we don’t have listed on our site? Please let us know so we can add you to our lists and round out our picture of the MusicXML community. Feel free to post on the Twitter or Facebook.

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