MusicXML Now Supported by More Than 220 Apps

MusicXML application support continues to grow! These days most of the growth comes in new notation apps, as nearly all the current music notation apps already support the MusicXML format. Today we are up to 225 applications with MusicXML support.

Some of the highlights of the new applications that are shipping now with MusicXML support are:

  • REAPER. This DAW from Cockos recently added a notation editor in version 5.20. This was quickly followed by MusicXML export in version 5.22 and then MusicXML import in version 5.23. DAW support for MusicXML lagged behind many other application areas, so it is great to see the continued growth of MusicXML support in this area.
  • ReadScoreLib. This is a music scanning SDK and library provided by Dolphin Computing, the same people behind the SeeScore SDK. As with SeeScore it works on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. This is the scanning technology that Dolphin uses in their PlayScore mobile app.
  • OpenSheetMusicDisplay. This is an open-source JavaScript library for rendering MusicXML in a web browser using VexFlow. There is an online demo available for testing with your favorite MusicXML files.
  • Kunkunshi Editor. This may be my favorite as it is the most unusual. Kunkunshi Editor is an Android app for editing Okinawan music in Kunkunshi (工工四) format. This is a vertical, tabular format of music notation which is a variation of Chinese music notation systems.

There are many other updates and additions to the MusicXML software world. Band-in-a-Box 2016 with MusicXML support is now available for Mac as well as Windows. Overture 5 is now shipping with MusicXML export as well as import.

Do you have MusicXML software or a source of MusicXML scores that we don’t have listed on our site? Please let us know so we can add you to our lists and round out our picture of the MusicXML community. Feel free to post on the MusicXML forum, or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

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