Dolet Plug-ins Update – April 2016

Just in time for Musikmesse, we released new updates to our Dolet MusicXML plug-ins today. The Dolet 6.7 for Finale plug-in includes 20 fixes and new features, including a new preferences feature. The Dolet 6.6 for Sibelius plug-in works much faster than before, and adds a manual installation option for Windows 32-bit systems. As always, downloads are available from our plug-in downloads page.

Dolet 6.7 for Finale adds a new menu item for Dolet Preferences when running in Finale 2014.5. You may set preferences for exporting different versions of MusicXML, exporting compressed or uncompressed files during batch export, and validating against the MusicXML DTD or XSD. This restores features that were dropped in Finale 2014.5 in version 6.6 while making them easier to access and use.

Dolet 6.7 for Finale also adds preferences for silencing error messages during batch import and export and logging the messages to a log file instead. The log file option is the file name that is used within the folder being imported or exported. This option will silence messages from the Dolet plug-in, but not messages from Finale that may occur when reading in files.

Version 6.7 also adds another 19 new features and fixes, including improvement to exporting Finale shape notes, laisser-vibrez ties, improved support for jazz articulations, better export of accidental text inserts, and more. You can read more about what’s new in the release notes.

Dolet 6.6 for Sibelius exports files much more quickly than previous versions. On Mac it can export 50% faster. On Windows, export can be 5 to 10 times faster, with more improvement for larger files. You can read more about what’s new in the release notes.

We hope that you find these new plug-ins help in moving your music files between applications. If you have issues with the plug-ins, please let us know on our MusicXML forum.

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