Dolet® 8 Plugin for Sibelius

Export MusicXML 4.0 files from Sibelius Ultimate

Sibelius has included MusicXML export since version 7. However, many people still prefer using our Dolet® for Sibelius plugin to transfer files to other applications.

Our Dolet 8 for Sibelius plugin improves MusicXML export quality even further by adding support for MusicXML 4.0 files. It includes over 50 new features compared to our previous Dolet 6 for Sibelius plug-in, which only supported MusicXML 3.0 files. These new features include:

  • Concert scores now export transposition information, including alternate clefs for transposed parts.
  • MusicXML files for each dynamic part can be exported all at once using the new Export Parts to MusicXML menu item.
  • Cross-staff notation is exported starting with Sibelius 2021.9.
  • Page-aligned text is now exported.
  • Figured bass is now exported.

Version 8 only runs with Sibelius Ultimate 2019.5 and later. For earlier versions going back to Sibelius 5.1, use the Version 6 plugin instead.

Learn more about Dolet 8 for Sibelius and its new features. Download and see for yourself if this works better for your music that Sibelius’s built-in export.

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