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Why isn’t there a 64-bit version of the Dolet for Finale plug-in?

Finale v25 now includes all the extra features from the Dolet plug-in directly from the File menu. There is no longer a need for a plug-in to get the full MusicXML functionality, including batch import and export.

When I try to use Dolet 7 for Finale on Windows XP, I get a “Java was not initialized correctly” error. What can I do?

This problem is due to a Microsoft issue (KB950060) in earlier versions of their cumulative security updates to Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. This issue was fixed in the June 2008 version of this update (KB950759) and in Windows XP SP3. Update your computer system using either of these Windows updates to resolve the problem.

Sometime you will get this or a similar message in other situations due to an installation-specific problem. If updating your Windows XP installation as described above does not fix the problem, please contact Finale technical support for further assistance.

Where does the Dolet name come from?

Dolet was a famous French translator of the 16th-century. Our Dolet software is also a translator, but this time between more than 220 music programs that previously could only talk to each other using MIDI files. The name is pronounced “doe-lay”, rhyming with Chevrolet.