MAX 2002

MusicXML in Practice: Issues in Translation and Analysis

Michael Good

Recordare LLC
PO Box 3459
Los Altos, California 94024 USA

Originally published in Proceedings First International Conference MAX 2002: Musical Application Using XML (Milan, September 19-20, 2002), pp. 47-54.

Copyright © 2002 Michael Good. All rights reserved.


Since its introduction in 2000, MusicXML has become the most quickly adopted symbolic music interchange format since MIDI, with support by market and technology leaders in both music notation and music scanning. This paper introduces the key design concepts behind MusicXML, discusses some of the translation issues that have emerged in current commercial applications, and introduces the use of MusicXML together with XML Query for music analysis and information retrieval applications.


MusicXML, music notation, music information retrieval, music analysis, XQuery, Finale, Dolet.


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