SmartMusic Finale Garritan MusicXML

Opus File

    MusicXML™ Opus DTD

    Version 3.0

    Copyright © 2004-2011 MakeMusic, Inc.

    This MusicXML™ work is being provided by the copyright
    holder under the MusicXML Public License Version 3.0,
    available from:

    An opus collects MusicXML scores together into a larger
    entity. The individual scores could be movements in a
    symphony, scenes or acts in an opera, or songs in an
    album. The opus definition allows arbitrary nesting
    either via an opus (included in the document) or an
    opus-link (linked like scores). Future versions of the
    MusicXML format may expand this DTD to include reference
    data and other metadata related to musical scores.

    Suggested use:

        "-//Recordare//DTD MusicXML 3.0 Opus//EN"

<!-- Component DTD modules -->

    The common DTD module contains the entities and elements
    that are shared among multiple DTD modules.
<!ENTITY % common PUBLIC
    "-//Recordare//ELEMENTS MusicXML 3.0 Common//EN"

    The link DTD module contains XLink attributes.
    "-//Recordare//ELEMENTS MusicXML 3.0 Link//EN"

<!-- Elements -->

    Opus is the document element. The document-attributes
    entity includes the version attribute and is defined in
    the common.mod file.
<!ELEMENT opus (title?, (opus | opus-link | score)*)>
<!ATTLIST opus

    The score elements provide the links to the individual
    movements. The new-page attribute, added in Version
    2.0, is used to indicate if the first page of the score is
    different than the last page of the previous score. If
    new-page is "yes", then a different page is used; if
    "no", then the same page is used. The default value is
<!ATTLIST score
    new-page %yes-no; #IMPLIED

    An opus-link provides a link to another opus document,
    allowing for multiple levels of opus collections via
    linking as well as nesting.
<!ELEMENT opus-link EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST opus-link %link-attributes;>

    Future versions may include metadata elements. In
    this version, we just include the title of the opus.
<!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)>