SmartMusic Finale Garritan MusicXML

Link Elements

    MusicXML™ link.mod module

    Version 3.0

    Copyright © 2004-2011 MakeMusic, Inc.

    This MusicXML™ work is being provided by the copyright
    holder under the MusicXML Public License Version 3.0,
    available from:

    This DTD module describes the entity and elements used for
    simple XLink support. The link element serves as an outgoing
    XLink. The bookmark element serves as a well-defined target
    for an incoming XLink. The entity for link-attributes is
    also used to connect a MusicXML score with a MusicXML opus.
    If a relative link is used within a document that is part of
    a compressed MusicXML file, the link is relative to the
    root folder of the zip file.

<!-- Entities -->

    Namespace entity for the XLink recommendation.
<!ENTITY % xlink.ns "">

    The link-attributes entity includes all the simple XLink
    attributes supported in the MusicXML format.
<!ENTITY % link-attributes
    "xmlns:xlink  CDATA    #FIXED     '%xlink.ns;'
     xlink:href   CDATA    #REQUIRED
     xlink:type   (simple) #FIXED     'simple'
     xlink:role   CDATA    #IMPLIED
     xlink:title  CDATA    #IMPLIED
     xlink:show   (new | replace | embed | other | none)
     xlink:actuate    (onRequest | onLoad | other | none)

<!-- Elements -->

    The element and position attributes are new as of Version
    2.0. They allow for bookmarks and links to be positioned at
    higher resolution than the level of music-data elements.
    When no element and position attributes are present, the
    bookmark or link element refers to the next sibling element
    in the MusicXML file. The element attribute specifies an
    element type for a descendant of the next sibling element
    that is not a link or bookmark. The position attribute
    specifies the position of this descendant element, where
    the first position is 1. The position attribute is ignored
    if the element attribute is not present. For instance, an
    element value of "beam"  and a position value of "2" defines
    the link or bookmark to refer to the second beam descendant
    of the next sibling element that is not a link or bookmark.
    This is equivalent to an XPath test of [.//beam[2]] done
    in the context of the sibling element.

<!ATTLIST link
    name  CDATA  #IMPLIED
    element  NMTOKEN #IMPLIED
    position NMTOKEN #IMPLIED

<!ELEMENT bookmark EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST bookmark
    id    ID     #REQUIRED
    name  CDATA  #IMPLIED
    element  NMTOKEN #IMPLIED
    position NMTOKEN #IMPLIED