SmartMusic Finale Garritan MusicXML

Container File

    MusicXML™ Container DTD

    Version 3.0
    Copyright © 2004-2011 MakeMusic, Inc.
    This MusicXML™ work is being provided by the copyright
    holder under the MusicXML Public License Version 3.0,
    available from:

    Starting with Version 2.0, the MusicXML format includes a
    standard zip compressed version. These zip files can contain
    multiple MusicXML files as well as other media files for
    images and sound. The container DTD describes the contents
    of the META-INF/container.xml file. The container describes
    the starting point for the MusicXML version of the file, as
    well as alternate renditions such as PDF and audio versions
    of the musical score.

    The MusicXML zip file format is compatible with the zip format
    used by the package and Java JAR files. It is
    based on the Info-ZIP format described at:

    The JAR file format is specified at:

    Note that, compatible with JAR files, file names should be
    encoded in UTF-8 format.

    Files with the zip container are compressed the DEFLATE
    algorithm. The DEFLATE Compressed Data Format (RFC 1951)
    is specified at:

    The recommended file suffix for compressed MusicXML files
    is .mxl. The recommended media type for a compressed
    MusicXML file is:


    The recommended media type for an uncompressed MusicXML
    file is:


    Suggested use:
    <!DOCTYPE container PUBLIC
        "-//Recordare//DTD MusicXML 3.0 Container//EN"

<!-- Elements -->

    Container is the document element.
<!ELEMENT container (rootfiles)>

    Rootfiles include the starting points for the different
    representations of a MusicXML score. The MusicXML root
    must be described in the first rootfile element. Additional
    rootfile elements can describe alternate versions such as
    PDF and audio files.
<!ELEMENT rootfiles (rootfile+)>

    The rootfile element describes each top-level file in
    the MusicXML container. The full-path attribute provides
    the path relative to the root folder of the zip file. The
    media-type identifies the type of different top-level
    root files. It is an error to have a non-MusicXML
    media-type value in the first rootfile in a rootfiles
    element. If no media-type value is present, a MusicXML
    file is assumed. A MusicXML file used as a rootfile may
    have score-partwise, score-timewise, or opus as its
    document element.
<!ELEMENT rootfile EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST rootfile
    full-path CDATA #REQUIRED
    media-type CDATA #IMPLIED